• “For Those Who Don’t Want To Believe”

    “For Those Who Don’t Want To Believe”

    I feel uncomfortably like a prophet. In January, and again last week, I wrote about the prospect of UAVs used as weapons by terrorists; yesterday a man was arrested who “planned to attack the Pentagon using ‘small drone airplanes’ filled with explosives and guided by GPS.” In August I wrote about omnipresent mobile phones turning the world into a panopticon… Read More

  • Video: Meet Mex-One, Mexico's First Humanoid Robot

    Video: Meet Mex-One, Mexico's First Humanoid Robot

    Professor Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano from the Research and Advanced Studies Center of the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico has achieved what no one before him achieved: he created Mexico’s first humanoid robot. Aptly named Mex-One, the little guy stands 105cm tall and weighs 15kg. Read More

  • If you buy a phone in Mexico, you now have to get fingerprinted

    It’s wrongheaded legislation gone wild! Monday saw a law passed in Mexico that will establish a national register of mobile users. Everyone who buys a cell phone from now on will be fingerprinted. Why, you ask? Because gangs use cell phones. Therefore, if you buy a cell phone, you may be a gang member. It’s all perfectly logical. Read More

  • X-rays scanning cars at U.S.-Mexico border crossing causing all sorts of entirely too predictable controversy

    The epic struggle against illegal immigration continues, as American authorities turn to technology to help them secure the homeland. Specifically, they’ve turned to drive-through X-ray portals to help detect both illegal immigrants and unwanted matériel. Of course, there’s the predictable conflict between privacy rights advocates and government officials. You know… Read More

  • The $4,000+ GPS chip used to prevent kidnappings in Mexico

    A rash of kidnappings in Mexico has compelled the well-off to buy a $4,000 GPS chip that’s implanted under the skin. The chip, called Verichip, is created by a company called Xega, is about the size of a grain of rice, and is used in conjunction with an off-site (well, off-body) unit that tracks the chip’s location. So, in a perfect world, if your loved one is kidnapped, at… Read More

  • ¿Mexico getting iPhone in June?

    [photopress:mexico.jpg,full,center] Attention Hombres: the iPhone is coming to Mexico via Telcel in June, or so says the El Universal newspaper. Telcel has 72% of the Mexican cellular market, and landing the iPhone should boost that even higher. We’re looking at a late-June launch, likely the last Friday of, as that’s when the original iPhone was launched and when we think the… Read More

  • Bill Gates invests in Mexican brewery

      Bill Gates now owns 3-percent of the world’s second-largest Coke bottler and Mexico’s second-largest brewery. I say good for you, Mr. Gates. Cascade Investment LLC, the asset management firm that Gates owns, recently purchased almost 11 million shares of Monterrey, Mexico’s Femsa. Femsa has a soft drink unit (Coca-Cola Femsa), a beer subsidiary, and a retail unit… Read More

  • Mexicans Lose Cellphone Service Temporarily

    Imagine how chaotic life would become if T-Mobile, Cingular, and Verizon’s networks all crashed. You wouldn’t be able to call for help or order pizza at all until the problem was remedied. Well yesterday, millions of Mexicans who use wireless carrier Telcel had their network crash on them. Those in Mexico City were affected the most by the downtime and the whole fiasco took hours… Read More

  • The Amazing Mexican Ball-Dropping Robot

    Some seniors in Guadalajara, Mexico made a cool-looking robot arm that can pick up balls and drop them — no mean feat — and it’s all run with a modified Playstation controller. The real draw, however, is the amazing video score. Imagine if they added that kind of music to everything you did in life — a swell of horns when you buy a burger, a trill of violins after taking… Read More

  • ¡TiVo Español!

    TiVo está viniendo a las gracias de México a errr I mean TiVo is coming to Mexico City thanks to Cablevision. The company will distribute Spanish-speaking TiVo-based DVRs to Mexico City customers beginning in the first half of 2007. Zatz scooped the story, but current information is limited. So no word yet on pricing or how fast service will spread beyond Mexico City. It is at least… Read More