• William Shatner's Message to Mike Arrington

    Confirmed: William Shatner Loves TechCrunch

    On May 15 I ordered a personalized autograph on from William Shatner. For $149 I was promised a signed photo with the message “I Love TechCrunch” along with a video recording of the autograph. Today I received an email notification that my autograph will be shipped within 48 hours, and the video above. It took three months, but they came through for me. So, anyway… Read More

  • Dude, William Shatner Totally Loves TechCrunch

    Dude, William Shatner Totally Loves TechCrunch

    Autograph sports and celebrity memorabilia is a $1 billion/year business in the U.S. alone. The problem is, up to 90% of it is counterfeit. Enter Los Angeles based LiveAutographs, a site that sells celebrity autographs that are guaranteed to be authentic – because they take a video of the celebrity writing the autograph and message and post it on their website. I am a huge William Shatner… Read More