Confirmed: William Shatner Loves TechCrunch

On May 15 I ordered a personalized autograph on from William Shatner. For $149 I was promised a signed photo with the message “I Love TechCrunch” along with a video recording of the autograph. Today I received an email notification that my autograph will be shipped within 48 hours, and the video above. It took three months, but they came through for me.

So, anyway, the service seems legit. And I can tell that Shatner isn’t just acting – he really does love TechCrunch.

But wait…I also received a second email this evening from a company called Meet And Greet Entertainment with the following message:

Dear Michael

Regarding the above article: Dude, William Shatner Totally Loves TechCrunch

FYI … Interactive Meet And Greet Entertainment (IMAGE) LLC owns the product and business operating system described in the article which is illegally being used by signed contracts with IMAGE last year to be an official licensee which they have breached. They are falsely stating that this is their unique concept, while using our intellectual property. has arrogantly attempted to steal IMAGE intellectual property.

IMAGE has patents pending for the product United States Patent Application: 0060221195 and will be seeking legal remedies.

Thanks for your kind attention

Gary Sohmers

So what’s all the drama about? No idea, and frankly I don’t care all that much. Let ’em sue each other out of existence for all I care. Just as long as I get my autograph first.