Griffin Technology

  • The Griffin BreakSafe Brings MagSafe Back To The MacBook

    The Griffin BreakSafe Brings MagSafe Back To The MacBook

    If you have small children, pets, or drunken roommates you understand the value of MagSafe. These chargers woulds snap off and on magnetically without damaging your computer or port and they were amazingly great at saving your laptop from tipping onto the floor. But with the launch of the USB-C MacBook MagSafe seemed doomed – until now. This $40 cable adds magnets to your power cord… Read More

  • iFM Radio Browser from Griffin Technology

    Griffin Technology released a new iPhone app today called iFM Radio Browser that works like a search engine for radio stations. The essence of the app is that you can search for local radio stations (with the help of the iPhone’s built in GPS capability) and view what is currently spinning on any of the stations it finds in your area. This is a new paradigm in station-flipping for sure. Read More

  • Review: Griffin Technology AirCurve Acoustic Amplifier for iPhone

    My initial thoughts upon receiving the Griffin Technology AirCurve to review were, “Great, a speaker that requires no power. That’s cool.” I thought about it some more and began to feel differently though. I came to a new conclusion that for all the coolness and “green-ness” of its lack of power consumption, that it may not be as realistic or as practical as it… Read More

  • Review: Griffin Technology Clarifi iPhone Case

    I am the kind of guy who can appreciate damage. It is the way of things. Entropy is part of the natural order of events—an unstoppable phenomenon.  For some, it is hard to accept this after forking over $400 for a fancy Smartphone. I mean, you don’t want the thing getting all scratched up right?  You don’t want it subjected to the elements, right? You want it to look… Read More