Google Sites

  • Google Sites Become Prettier With Templates

    Google Sites, which launched a little under two years ago, have given businesses and consumers a way to quickly build their own websites with no HTML knowledge required, making it relatively easy for anyone without a technical background to build a simple website. Now, Google is making it infinitely easier for anyone to create sleek websites with new feature Templates. For those that… Read More

  • Google Sites Get Liberated By New API

    For the last 18 months Google Sites has given businesses a way to quickly build their own websites with no HTML knowledge required, making for an easy way to help coordinate efforts internally and to also build consumer facing sites. But there’s been one fairly major complaint about the service: there was no easy way to export your data if you wanted to take it elsewhere. Today… Read More

  • SynthaSite Gets A $20 Million Boost For Simple Website Creation Software

    There have been simple, browser-based website creation tools available on the market ever since the WWW turned mainstream, but there’s clearly still a significant demand for this type of services, especially with the way the web is evolving. SynthaSite is one of the players in the DIY website / blog builder field, and they’ve just gotten a huge vote of confidence from their… Read More

  • It Took 16 Months, But Google Relaunches Jotspot

    Google acquired hosted wiki service Jotspot in October 2006. The service immediately stopped taking new users, although existing users were supported. Now, nearly sixteen months later, Jotspot has been relaunched under the Google Apps team, as Google Sites. Google Sites looks absolutely nothing like Jotspot, other than the fact that both are hosted wikis. All of the structured data… Read More