• Rumor: Federated Media Takes $50 Million On A $200 Million Valuation

    Rumor: Federated Media Takes $50 Million On A $200 Million Valuation

    Federated Media (FM) has rumored to have raised $50 million from Oak Hill Capital Partners on a $200 million valuation, according to VentureBeat. Total funding for Federated Media to-date would be $57.4 million. So what would Federated Media do with $50 million: Invest in sites. From a March interview: Battelle: Well, I can’t say specifically what we might do with any money that we might… Read More

  • Yahoo Shines A Light On Women 25 To 54

    Yahoo Shines A Light On Women 25 To 54

    Yahoo has launched Shine, a new content portal aimed at women aged 25 to 54. At its core, Shine is a large blog with magazine style layout. Content is broken up into various subcategories with the front page highlighting the newest content from across the site. Topic areas include parenting, sex and love, healthy living, food, career and money, entertainment, fashion, beauty, home life, and… Read More

  • Glam Makes Big Cuts In Publisher Payments – "Up To 80% Drop In Revenue"

    Glam Makes Big Cuts In Publisher Payments – "Up To 80% Drop In Revenue"

    Advertising network Glam is putting an end to at least some of its guaranteed payments to publishers, just a month after raising an $85 million round of financing. Scott Swanson, Glam’s GM and Vice President, told publishers in an email (full text below) that “house ads” that were served for unsold inventory were being discontinued as of March 25, except to fulfill “minimum… Read More

  • Federated Media's Battelle Slams Rival, Hints At Investing In Publishers

    Two thing jumped out at me when I read a CNET interview with John Battelle of Federated Media this morning – his direct criticism of competitor Glam Media as a “flavor of the month,” and his suggestion that he may take equity stakes in his publishers. Full disclosure – Federated Media is our ad selling partner. Sometimes we love them. Sometimes, not so much. Glam Media: A… Read More

  • Federated Media Weighing Its Options

    Federated Media Weighing Its Options

    CNET is reporting that tech-focused advertising network Federated Media (which sells advertising on our behalf) is looking for a new round of financing. CNET is basing this partially on our previous report that they hired investment bank Savvian to represent them after they turned down a $100 million acquisition offer, plus a new source that says the company is looking at term sheets now. From… Read More

  • Technorati To Launch Blogger Advertising Network

    Through a variety of sources we’ve confirmed that Technorati is making plans for a major shift in its going forward strategy, and is also considering a number of corporate development transactions. First, they’ve been pitching venture capitalists on another round of financing. That’s not surprising – their last round, $10.5 million, was in June 2006. The company has raised… Read More

  • Glam Raises $85 million In Equity + Debt Financing Round

    Brisbane, California based Glam Media reported an $85 million round of financing, their fourth, today. We first reported that Glam was looking to raise as much as $200 million in August 2007. More rumors popped up in November 2007. The round was $65 million in cash and $20 million in debt, on top of almost $30 million they raised in three prior rounds. Investors included Hubert Burda Media, GLG… Read More

  • More Misplaced Glam Exhuberance

    More Misplaced Glam Exhuberance

    Ad network Glam got a glowing review from Jeff Jarvis today. And he’s not the only person out there that likes them – word is they closed the big round of financing they’ve been trying to raise, at a $450 million valuation. I mentioned that they were raising money in an August post. In that post I heavily criticized the company for trying to claim it was the largest womens site… Read More

  • Is Glam A Sham?

    Is Glam A Sham?

    Glam Media, which is mostly an ad network but also owns a group of sites focused on women, is actively attempting to raise $200 million in a private round of financing. The company previously raised $18.5 million in December 2006. The company has hired Allen & Company to represent them in the transaction, and has been distributing a private placement document to potential investors. Read More

  • Glam Media Gets $18.5 Million And A CNET Chairman

    Glam Media Gets $18.5 Million And A CNET Chairman

    Glam Media, a fashion and lifestyle Web site, has a trifecta of news today. It has received $18 million in Series C funding, CNET chairman Jarl Mohn is joining the company as an investor and strategic adviser, and there is a new partnership with Hearst Magazines to bring articles from their popular magazines, starting with Marie Claire, to The funding was led by Duff Ackerman &… Read More