Facebook hashtags

  • Why Facebook Needs Trending Links

    Why Facebook Needs Trending Links

    Facebook is not working on an RSS product, we hear, but it still has a huge and truly social opportunity in news discovery. Facebook could turn what links we share with friends into an automatic Digg for the world. Over a billion people are on Facebook, and many share links to news stories and offsite content along with their commentary. Yet rather than post publicly like on Twitter, most posts… Read More

  • Facebook Launches Related Hashtags And #Mobile Site Support

    Facebook Launches Related Hashtags And #Mobile Site Support

    Facebook's on a quest to get you involved in real-time global conversations. Today it takes the next step towards challenging Twitter by adding hashtag support to its mobile site and launching related hashtags. Starting this evening, when you click or search for a hashtag, the results will page show other hashtags often posted at the same time. Search #equality and you'll see #lgbt and #pride. Read More