• YC-Backed Amulyte Is Building A Better Lifeline For Seniors On The Move

    YC-Backed Amulyte Is Building A Better Lifeline For Seniors On The Move

    Commercial catchphrases like “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” have become the stuff of legend, but it’s not funny when one of your grandparents have been in that same situation. University of Waterloo alumni Jaclyn Konzelmann and Perry Haldenby have been there with their own grandparents, and after discovering that most senior monitoring systems are terribly… Read More

  • Lively Is An Activity Sharing Platform That Helps You Keep Tabs On Your Independently Living Parents Or Grandparents

    Lively Is An Activity Sharing Platform That Helps You Keep Tabs On Your Independently Living Parents Or Grandparents

    There are approximately 11.3 million elderly Americans that live independently in their own homes. Although many seniors choose to live by themselves without any assistance, it can be a challenge for their children to ensure their parents are doing alright. Lively is an innovative service that helps you keep tabs on the routine activities of your parents or grandparents. For those of us who… Read More

  • New technology helps to remotely monitor the health of the elderly around the clock

    Remote monitoring systems for the elderly are nothing new, but Japanese conglomerate Marubeni‘s technology seems to be particularly advanced. And unlike you might think, it’s not based on robotics, but on a sensor system. It enables families and medical institutions to remotely check the health of older people around the clock – as long as the person in question keeps wearing… Read More

  • Indoor Personal Mobility Robot (video)

    It’s always good to hear that some robot makers are focusing on the development of machines that actually have the potential of helping people in their everyday life. And the so-called Indoor Personal Mobility Robot, which is particularly geared towards the elderly, is certainly one good example. The main idea behind the robot is to make life easier for people who have trouble moving… Read More

  • Review: Clarity C900 cell phone for seniors

    Quick Version: The idea behind the Clarity C900 mobile phone is sound – big keys, bright display, loud ringer, emergency call button – but the interface might be a bit feature-heavy and confusing for most elderly users. Read More

  • EMC concept cellphone tries to make elderly lives easier: Sorta unnecessary

    The EMC (“easy mobil calling,” which isn’t a typo on my part) concept cellphone aims to make life easier for the elderly. With only four face buttons, each corresponding to a separate phone number, it simplifies the arduous task of remembering, well, four different phone numbers. Granted, all cellphones have an address book, so you’re not really required to know… Read More

  • ITT phones for babies, kids, the elderly

    [photopress:IMG_1486.JPG,full,pp_image] I’m trying to find a website for these guys but these were fairly cool phones for kids and older folks who might need a little help finding the buttons. The phones are all GSM compatable and as you see there are three styles: Baby, Easy, and some sort of DECT cordless phone with images instead of a number pad. Pricing and availability are, as… Read More

  • Wii stolen from senior center in Spokane, Washington

    Oh come on. This is terrible. "Seniors at the Lilac Plaza Retirement Home in North Spokane sold recipe books to raise money to buy a Nintendo Wii," according to news station KXLY. How great is that? Old folks rolling up their sleeves to raise money to buy a video game console that’ll bring near-limitless joy to their otherwise mundane daily routine. Read More

  • Speak Up Sonny! Grandma Can't Hear You!

    Senior citizens should either decide to go all out with electronics and learn how the VCR clock works or just abandon them altogether. But now, thanks to NTT DoCoMo, seniors won’t have to compromise giving up necessities like a cellphone in exchange for not having to learn. The Raku-Raku Phone is designed for elderly folks with hearing and vision problems. It comes with a “slow… Read More