• Debian Will Serve As The Default OS For Google Compute Engine

    Debian Will Serve As The Default OS For Google Compute Engine

    Google is bringing Debian to Google Compute Engine and is making it the default OS for developers using the service. Google will support both Debian 6.0 and 7.0, which was released this week. There are some pretty clear reasons why Google is making Debian the default OS. First of all, it’s free, said Krishnan Subramanian, a cloud analyst and founder of Rishidot Research. Read More

  • CherryPal: Tiny, low-powered, Linux-based PC

    This particular news item slipped through the cracks at CrunchGear’s world news headquarters earlier this week, but here it is nonetheless. This little box is called the CherryPal PC and it’ll be here in the third quarter of this year, according to a recent press release. The company won’t say when it’ll be here, exactly, but judging from the above graphic, I’m… Read More

  • WiFi Slurpr: The Ultimate WiFi Tool

    In the spirit of Web 2.0, this device is named the Slurpr. It slurps up all available WiFi connections in the area via six wireless network interfaces and exports them as one fast connection. Gajillions of ethernet-ports are available so you can share the wealth with anyone you wish, as well as kick the connection up a notch. The box is powered by Debian and includes a built-in load… Read More