• GoldieBlox’s Super Bowl Ad Is A Counterbalance To Rampant Sexism

    GoldieBlox’s Super Bowl Ad Is A Counterbalance To Rampant Sexism

    On Sunday night, about 110 million people turned on their TVs to watch a series of lavish, expensively produced 30-second skits interspersed with live footage of men throwing a ball around. Fox Sports charged up to $4.5 million for each ad spot this year, with companies like Anheuser-Busch, Chevrolet, and Pepsi coughing the record-breaking figure. But one of the most notable ads was created by… Read More

  • Samsung Responds To iPhone 5 Frenzy With A Feisty Galaxy S III Commercial

    Samsung Responds To iPhone 5 Frenzy With A Feisty Galaxy S III Commercial

    Here we go again. Samsung (and its agency) has historically had no problem poking fun at overly-obsessed, iPhone-idolizing Apple fanatics, and just like clockwork, the Korean electronics giant has released a new commercial pointing out a handful of the iPhone 5’s omissions and foibles. In case you don’t have a minute and a half to burn, here’s the whole thing in a nutshell… Read More

  • This Apple Commercial Was Too Self-Congratulatory To Run

    This Apple Commercial Was Too Self-Congratulatory To Run

    It’s not quite fair that this commercial featuring Apple greats Burrell Smith, Andy Hertzfeld, George Crow, Bill Atkinson, and Mike Murray never aired, but it’s easy to see why. In it you meet some of the creators of the Mac who go on to offer some insight on the design process and end with the tagline “Incredibly Great.” Arguably, this sort of self-promotion is a… Read More

  • Video: Panasonic commercial shows new "Avatar" footage (kind of)

    The official trailer for Avatar, James Cameron’s new (and supposedly groundbreaking) Sci-Fi movie, came out just last month, and now Panasonic is showing a TV spot promoting their Viera TVs and the movie on Japanese television. The commercial, which is currently in heavy rotation on TV over here, shows some very brief new scenes from Avatar (which is due out in both the US and Japan… Read More

  • Brad Pitt shoots pictures of naked girls in TV commercial

    Brad Pitt is a huge star in Japan and has been getting millions and millions of dollars as a calling card for Softbank, one of Asia’s biggest telecommunications conglomerates, for years now. But his latest TV commercial that is currently airing in Japan (and here only) actually did catch even my attention. In it, Burapi (as he is called over here) takes pictures of naked – OK… Read More

  • Mac goes green with new commercials

    Not content to pay lip-service to greenness from the sidelines, Apple has decided to sell its latest MacBook line as the “greenest family of notebooks,” a noble statement indeed. I’m totally OK with companies going green but heres hoping that Apple actually starts manufacturing locally now that it can essentially mill Macbooks out of one solid lump of aluminum it should be… Read More

  • White dogs and American models: This is how Apple sells the iPhone in Japan (TV commercial)

    OK, the company behind the TV commercial shown above is not really Apple but SoftBank, one of Asia’s biggest telecommunications companies and the carrier for the iPhone in this country. The SoftBank family seen in the video consists of a father (the white dog), a mother (the woman seen at the end of the clip), a brother (the guy with the glasses who is an American model based in Tokyo)… Read More

  • Verizon BlackBerry Storm commercial hits the airwaves

    Anybody who is considered the “geek” amongst their less tech-minded peers best look out. The BlackBerry Storm has made its way to the moving picture box, and they decided to go all Coen Brothers with the ending. For the next week or two, you get to deal with a constant stream of “Hey! Hey! You like computers! What’s on the other side of the Storm?!” from anyone… Read More

  • Two variants of the new Microsoft commercial

    The latest Microsoft commercial, dubbed I’m a PC, is a tad long at 1:01 for everyday time slots so there are two¬†alternatives¬†that you will more likely see on a daily basis. Same subject matter, just a little quicker at 31 seconds each. Second one after the jump. Read More