• WiMP comes to Sweden – not afraid to step on Spotify's toes

    WiMP, the music streaming service owned by Aspiro, is bedding down in Scandinavia. Already available in Norway and Denmark, it’s “finally” coming to Sweden, once again via a distribution partnership with teclo Telenor. Sweden, of course, is the birthplace of competitor Spotify and telco agreements are seen as the future for cloud-based music services. So despite its… Read More

  • Anything Spotify can do – another operator offers Aspiro-powered music streaming

    There’s a strong case to be argued that, ultimately, premium music streaming services like Spotify et al. will need to partner with ISPs and telcos in order to achieve the “feels like free” proposition that’s required for mass adoption. But this is proving quite difficult, especially so when there are a number of companies offering white label versions of such services… Read More

  • Spotify gets some local competition – but it's a bit of a WiMP

    Although Sweden-born streaming music startup Spotify has done well in Scandinavian countries it would appear to now have a local competitor in the shape of a new service launching in Norway. Tech companies Aspiro and Platekompaniet have teamed up with telco Telenor to launch a music streaming service for Norwegian users. That’s all fine and dandy. However, someone there needs to go… Read More