• Securing A Huge Growth Round Crunch Network

    Securing A Huge Growth Round

    Pitching VCs is a serious challenge at any stage, but asking for a $30-60 million check is usually the sale of a founder’s life. Convincing an investor to accept a valuation that most normal people think you’d deserve in a year’s time (at best) piles on the challenge. I’ve recently been working with a few of our portfolio companies on these kinds of deals and wanted… Read More

  • Derek Jeter, Budding Media Mogul, On Launching The Players’ Tribune

    Derek Jeter, Budding Media Mogul, On Launching The Players’ Tribune

    As his new company, The Players’ Tribune, plots its course toward dominance in the sports media market after its official launch on Tuesday, Derek Jeter gives us his thoughts on his company and the transition from iconic athlete to startup entrepreneur in the email interview below. Since Jeter took his final bow in Yankee pinstripes, the former shortstop has been working to reinvent… Read More

  • SSE Labs Announces Impressive List Of Advisors, Offers Sneak Peek At Latest Startups

    About a year ago, Stanford University students Dan Ha and Cameron Teitelman co-founded SSE Labs, a startup accelerator designed to assist aspiring entrepreneurs at the university develop their businesses and provide them with the space and educational resources they need to grow a successful business. At the time, the Stanford student government (which operates independently of the university)… Read More