• Addappt's New Android Release

    After Expanding To Android, Addappt’s CEO Breaks Down Its Growth Plans

    Mrinal Desai, founder and CEO of Addappt, is betting that people need a better way to keep their cell phone contact information up to date. Addappt, a smartphone app — iOS and Android — syncs contact information between users, allowing for individuals to remotely update their data on the phones of their friends. (For a more detailed dive into how Addappt works, TechCrunch has… Read More

  • The Real Social Network: Your Mobile Contacts

    The Real Social Network: Your Mobile Contacts

    The term “social network” is of course synonymous with online networks like Facebook. But think about what you’re actual social life is like for a second. Are you really closest to the people whose items you “like” the most on Facebook? What about the people you @reply or retweet on Twitter? The people you reblog the most on Tumblr? If you’re anything like… Read More