Early look at the Neuros LINK internet video box

CG reader Shaila was kind enough to send in some early impressions and info about the Neuros LINK box that we reported a couple of weeks ago. Keeping in mind that Neuros is currently in a gamma testin

Neuros soft launches ‘LINK’ internet video set-top box

Here comes yet another set-top box that connects to the internet and streams web video. Thankfully, this one looks pretty cool. It’s called the Neuros LINK and it’ll leverage the Neuros .TV interf

Neuros releases demo video showing chat room superimposed over live TV

The Neuros set-top box is an open device allowing anyone to modify it anyway they see fit. One example is demonstrated above that I’m wondering if it’s more of an annoyance than anythi

Neuros shipping OSD 2.0 HD developers set-top box

The second generation OSD box is now available from Neuros intended for developers. The OSD 2.0 first popped up a month ago and nothing has changed since then. The DIY set-top box still encodes high

High-def coming to Neuros OSD2.0 platform

We’ve featured Neuros’s wares on Crunchgear before, so we’re glad to see the DIY Linux systems mature to high definition age. Their latest box, the OSD2.0, aimed at developers is goi

Neuros debuts nifty "unlocked" anti-DRM logo; we like!

We’re fans of Neuros here at CrunchGear, not just for the cool hardware its developing but also for its anti-DRM themes. The idea of applying open source to open content is a no-brainer, and it

Neuros OSD Contest Update: Did anyone make a video?

We’re trying to give the above object away. We got no entries in the contest. Did anyone do it? Is there anybody out there?