Neuros soft launches ‘LINK’ internet video set-top box


Here comes yet another set-top box that connects to the internet and streams web video. Thankfully, this one looks pretty cool. It’s called the Neuros LINK and it’ll leverage the Neuros.TV interface to stream shows to your TV from sites like YouTube, Hulu,,,, and Fancast. Oh, and it’s an open platform.

neuros-link-and-keymote-largeIt appears that the Neuros.TV part of the equation will do most of the heavy lifting associated with getting you what you want to watch with the least amount of resistance, which should be a welcome and refreshing change, as you won’t have to download or convert stuff first. Hallelujah.

The box itself costs $300 and includes a wireless “keymote,” HDMI out, and 1080p support. It’s currently in a pre-production “gamma” phase, so Neuros is offering a four-month, no questions asked return policy in case you run into too much trouble while all the kinks get worked out. This will all be interesting to watch, as Neuros is calling it “the most open platform around.”

Gamma Launch of Neuros LINK Device and Neuros.TV Service [Neuros]