Erick Schonfeld

Erick Schonfeld is the co-founder of TouchCast, the executive producer of DEMO, and a technology journalist. He is also a partner at bMuse, a product incubator in New York City.

Schonfeld is the former Editor in Chief of TechCrunch. At TechCrunch, he oversaw the editorial content of the site, helped to program the Disrupt conferences and CrunchUps, produced TCTV shows, and wrote daily for the blog.

He joined TechCrunch as Co-Editor in 2007, and helped take it from a popular blog to a thriving media property. After founder Michael Arrington left in 2011, Schonfeld became Editor in Chief.

Prior to TechCrunch, he was Editor-at-Large for Business 2.0 magazine, where he wrote feature stories and ran their main blog, The Next Net. He also launched an online video series with CNN/Money and hosted regular panels and conferences of industry luminaries.

Schonfeld started his career at Fortune magazine in 1993. In 1999, he won the prize for best information technology submission at London’s Business Journalist of the Year Awards, and in 2001 he won the prize for best space submission at the Aerospace Journalist of the Year Awards in Paris. In 1996 and 1997, Schonfeld was recognized in the TJFR Business News Reporter’s list of the best and brightest financial journalists under the age of 30.

He appears regularly on CNBC, CNN, and NY1, and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

Schonfeld graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University in 1993.

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  • Who Spams Digg the Most

    Who Spams Digg the Most

    On the heels of the recently launched Techmeme Leaderboard, Patrick Altoft at BlogStorm has cobbled together an unofficial list of sites that have the most Digg juice. The ranking is based on Google’s site search (how many results come back for a search of “,” for instance, a site which happens to be No. 4 on both lists). The sites with the most links… Read More

  • Telecom Incest: The Fon-BT Deal Sounds Screwy

    Telecom Incest: The Fon-BT Deal Sounds Screwy

    On closer inspection, today’s deal between Fon and British Telecom sounds like it could be a costly one for Fon and its investors. GigaOm is suggesting that Fon may have agreed to pay $8 to $10 to BT for every one of its broadband customers who agrees to sign up and activate the Fon service. If that’s true, with three million broadband subs at BT, that represents a potential liability… Read More

  • Fon Inks Deal With British Telecom

    Fon Inks Deal With British Telecom

    Spanish WiFi startup Fon is invading England. In its quest to turn everyone’s home and business WiFi router into a worldwide network of shareable hotspots, Fon just inked a long-rumored deal with British Telecom. BT’s three million broadband customers in the UK can now opt to join the Fon network, which gives them access to 190,000 WiFi hotspots around the world. BT joins Time Warner… Read More

  • Social Investing Site Covestor Now Collectively "Manages" $100 Million

    Social Investing Site Covestor Now Collectively "Manages" $100 Million

    Call it social finance. A bunch of investing sites, from MarketWatch and Motley Fool CAPS to Cake Financial and Social Picks, let investors create fantasy portfolios and track their performance. The idea is to compete against each other, celebrity investors, and the overall market. The best investors, whether pros or schmoes, rise to the top and collect a following. It’s the online version… Read More

  • Amazon Takes Another Step Towards The Web OS With Dynamo

    Amazon Takes Another Step Towards The Web OS With Dynamo

    Amazon chief technology officer Werner Vogels just released a very technical paper about a Web storage system being tested internally at Amazon called Dynamo. As applications move to massive grids of computers on the Web (like the ones that power Amazon’s e-commerce site or Google’s search engine and online apps), a new type of Web operating system is developing that treats all of… Read More

  • Are You Going To The Zune Social? Me Neither.

    Are You Going To The Zune Social? Me Neither.

    Poor J Allard. The one cool guy at Microsoft—he’s the one who brought us the original Xbox—is trying so hard with the Zune. But he’s no match for Steve Jobs. Redmond’s answer to the iPod has been a relative flop so far. The 1.2 million Zunes sold since it launched a year ago amounts to less than three percent of the number of iPods sold during the same time (which is… Read More

  • Recycle Your Used Gadgets For Cash at SecondRotation

    Recycle Your Used Gadgets For Cash at SecondRotation

    How many old phones, digital cameras, and MP3 players do you have that still work but are sitting useless in a drawer? A site called SecondRotation is like the company BuyMyBrokeniPod that Mike wrote about a few days ago, except you can sell more than just iPods. SecondRotation will take practically every brand of cell phone, digital camera, gaming console, GPS device, and MP3 player (including… Read More

  • A Widget That Actually Makes Money

    A Widget That Actually Makes Money

    The only proven way to make money off of widgets is by turning them into ads. There’s Google’s Gadget Ads (AdSense in a widget, basically), AuctionAds (one of our sponsors), boobox, and even ThisNext (which just hired IAC exec Scott Murrow as president, BTW). Now Seattle-based Mpire has launched a widget ad network called WidgetBucks (or, rather, relaunched an earlier program). Read More

  • The HuffPost Gets a New CEO

    The HuffPost Gets a New CEO

    The Huffington Post hired’s general manager Betsy Morgan as its new CEO. Current CEO Kenneth Lerer moves up to chairman. All the pieces are falling into place just in time for election season. This should be fun to watch. Can you say IPO? Read More

  • Getty Images Now Selling Music Tracks

    Getty Images Now Selling Music Tracks

    Pump Audio relaunched today as Soundtrack, following its $42 million purchase by Getty Images last June. Pump Audio’s catalog of music from 20,000 independent artists can be licensed for the Web, TV, or radio. Customers range from major TV shows like The Colbert Report to advertising agencies and podcasters. You search online through a pretty slick interface that lets you quickly narrow your… Read More

  • Yahoo Search Just Got Smarter

    Yahoo Search Just Got Smarter

    Yahoo is adding some major features to its search engine today. For instance, images from Flickr and playable videos are now embedded in the main results page. A search for a major rock band like U2 brings up information from the artist’s Website, along with a list of songs that can be played as 30-second audio streams (courtesy of Yahoo Music). Do a search for a restaurant or hotel, and… Read More

  • Give It Up, For Computer Literacy

    Give It Up, For Computer Literacy

    Everyone likes to complain about the sorry state of education in this country, but when was the last time you actually did something about it? Well, here’s your chance. TechCrunch is participating in a blogger challenge to see who can raise the most money for, a great non-profit that lets you specify which educational projects you want your money to go to. Teachers across… Read More

  • Nokia Maps

    Nokia Maps

    Nokia is buying digital mapmaker Navteq for $8 billion. (See WSJ coverage here).  Navteq powers many in-car navigation services, but it is also one of the providers of mapping data used in Google Maps. Every mobile device should include mapping services. It’s a natural fit. But will Nokia try to charge extra for this or will every future Nokia phone come with free maps? You can already get… Read More

  • Zannel: Twitter With Pictures And Video

    Zannel: Twitter With Pictures And Video

    For those of you trying to keep up with all the new mobile social-networking services that are springing up (like MocoSpace, Mig33, Aka-Aki, MeetMoi, Mobiluck, Imity, Zyb, etc., etc.), here’s one more to add to the pile: Zannel. Launched quietly in August, it already has more than 500,000 mobile visitors a month, says founder and CTO Braxton Woodham. Formerly the CTO of Infospace Mobile, he… Read More

  • More Adobe AIR Apps

    More Adobe AIR Apps

    Lots of new Adobe AIR applications are launching today at the Adobe Max conference in Chicago. In addition to those in the previous post, they include: —A new Adobe Media Player that lets you watch shows in Flash either online or off and manage your shows in an iTunes-like application. Videos from CBS, PBS, Yahoo Video,, Revision3, and others are available. —A dedicated eBay… Read More

  • Adobe Raises The Stakes For Web Documents With Buzzword and Share

    Adobe Raises The Stakes For Web Documents With Buzzword and Share

    The list of companies offering free, Web-based word processors just got longer. Today, Adobe is entering the Webtop game (watch out, Microsoft Office) with its announcement that it will purchase Boston-based startup Virtual Ubiquity, the company behind Buzzword. Terms were not disclosed, but Adobe had previously invested in the startup through its $100 million venture fund. Adobe’s new… Read More

  • iWon Gets a Makeover

    iWon Gets a Makeover

    iWon, the site owned by IAC that attracts people with the promises of instant prizes, is revamping it’s look, going from a very 1.0 portal to a Flashy, casual-games site, complete with spinning wheels, slots, and lots of bright colors. The games are also now going to become widgetizable so they can live on people’s Facebook or MySpace pages. (And you thought you could avoid the shrill… Read More

  • Note to Apple: Stop Thinking Like a Phone Company

    Note to Apple: Stop Thinking Like a Phone Company

    As we all know by now, the latest software update to the iPhone may in some cases turn it into a useless brick—if you happen to have put hacked software on it or unlocked it (ahem, John) in order to make it work on a non-AT&T carrier (such as T-Mobile, in the U.S.). Apple, of course, is free to try to lock in customers to its partner AT&T and to control what software will work on the… Read More

  • Private Equity Eats Avaya for $8.2 Billion and 3Com for $2.2 Billion. Burp.

    Private Equity Eats Avaya for $8.2 Billion and 3Com for $2.2 Billion. Burp.

    Two big private equity deals today. Shareholders finally approved the $8.2 billion buyout of Avaya by Silver Lake Partners and the Texas Pacific Group (not bad for an IP phone company that once was part of Lucent). And 3Com, the perpetually money-losing maker of computer networking equipment and competitor of Cisco Systems, has agreed to be acquired by Bain Capital and Chinese networking company… Read More

  • Cooking With Video on

    Cooking With Video on

    You know how it’s easier to follow a recipe in a cookbook if there is picture? It gives you something to shoot for when you can see what the finished product is supposed to look like. Well, the same thing goes for online recipes. Except, why stop with pictures when you can include complete video tutorials? That’s what two French entrepreneurs, Jacque Petit and Gilles Piedoye Peteui… Read More