• Digital Postal Mail Startup Zumbox Hits The Deadpool

    Digital Postal Mail Startup Zumbox Hits The Deadpool

    Zumbox, the startup that created a service to deliver postal mail digitally in a paperless format, is shutting down. The company announced the shutdown in an email sent this week to users of the service, which was first posted by InfoTrends writer Matt Swain. Zumbox is recommending that users export their digital documents by Monday April 14th — less than a week from today. It’s a… Read More

  • Paperless Postal System Zumbox Raises $10 Million Series C

    Paperless Postal System Zumbox Raises $10 Million Series C

    Zumbox, the company which delivers your postal mail online in a digital format, has just closed a $10 million Series C round of funding, bringing its total raise to date to $28 million. The round included participation from Zumbox CEO John Payne, who put in his own money, as well as additional funding from Computershare, a joint venture partner in Australia. Details of the split among… Read More

  • Zumbox Raises $9.7 Million More For Paperless Postal System

    Zumbox, a privately held company that offers a digital mailbox and filing system based on your street address, has raised a little over $9.7 million in venture capital, according to this SEC filing. In August 2009, Zumbox announced that it had raised $8 million from a number high-profile investors, including Michael Eisner, the former CEO of Walt Disney and Rick Braddock, the former CEO of… Read More

  • Zumbox Delivers Paperless Mail (In Beta)

    Would you trust your postal mail with a company called Zumbox? I ask, because startup Zumbox enters public beta today with a fairly interesting (but not entirely new) alternative to traditional snail mail. Here’s how it works: instead of sending bills, statements, advertisements, postcards and the likes to a street address, a business can now send those to a digitized street address… Read More