Zipwhip raises $22.5M to expand its text messaging platform for businesses

As apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and ViberĀ gear up to let businesses use their messaging apps to speak with their customers, there is a parallel track of development happening outside those walled gar

Zipwhip nabs $9M from Microsoft + others to let landlines send and receive SMS texts

Consumers have made a big shift to using mobile phones as their primary, and often sole, telephone, but as they have done so, they’ve also created something of a rift in the business world: many

Zipwhip Builds A Robotic Flag To Add Fun To The Disheartening, Slow Rise Of The Average Start-Up

You're a start-up dude with carefully mussed hair. Your AWS is waiting. You've paid the designer. You and your family have created accounts. It's been a mad dash. You've maxed out your credit cards. Y