• The Usefulness of the Simple Command Line

    Sugarcodes is a new site that has extremely basic functionality but, like old-timer YubNub, is an awesome productivity tool for many users. It’s basically nothing more than a command line, where a search of just about any web service can be conducted using a simple dedicated command. “g books” does a search on Google for books. “yt U2” does a search on YouTube for U2. Read More

  • Revisiting YubNub

    I wrote about Jon Aquino’s YubNub back on June 13. It was just two days after I started the blog, and so not many people read that post. Lot’s of people know about YubNub though. It is an “Internet command line” that allows anyone to create a new function and access other web services from the YubNub command line. A command consists of at least two pieces of… Read More

  • YubNub Profile

    Company: YubNub

    What is it? At first glance this looks sort of like a search engine or something, but its not. It is way neater than that. YubNub is a “command line for the web” and was built with Ruby on Rails. What this means is that you can access web applications (like google, amazon, and everything else) via the command box on YubNub’s website. A command consists of… Read More