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What is it?

At first glance this looks sort of like a search engine or something, but its not. It is way neater than that. YubNub is a “command line for the web” and was built with Ruby on Rails. What this means is that you can access web applications (like google, amazon, and everything else) via the command box on YubNub’s website. A command consists of at least two pieces of information – an application identifier and a specific command.

For instance, if you type in “flkall ireland”, YubNub will redirect you to the flickr website and show pictures with the tag “ireland”.

There are a ton of commands available and functionality to create new ones directly by users.

You can also use YubHub as a Firefox extension and other ways.

Favorite Commands:

flkall – shows flickr phots with all tags entered
GMT – find local time and date in entered location
mini – turn a long URL into a short one using minilink.org
pod – search for podcasts on Podcast Alley.
quote – get a stock quote, just enter the symbol
say – to “say” everything entered after “say” Example
An alias for “tts”
areacode – Lookup a city by area code. US only. Thx Verizon.
jobs – Performs a search at Indeed.com for available jobs that include the keywords provided.
For a current list of all commands, click here

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Jonathan Aquino

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