• People Using Their $500+ iPads To Search For Bargains

    Yahoo has just released some statistics for what they’re seeing from people doing searches with Yahoo on the iPad. The results are a little humorous. According to this post, “the top searches over the last few weeks tended toward the thrifty and economical.” That seems a bit odd considering that the iPad is a $500 to $800+ device that, while possibly the future of computing… Read More

  • Live From Yahoo SearchSpeak 2010

    We’re here at Yahoo’s Sunnyvale, CA headquarters for an event the company is holding called “SearchSpeak” to talk about, you guessed it: their search product. Speaking here are: Shashi Seth, Senior Vice President of Search Products, Yahoo! Prabhakar Raghavan, Senior Vice President of Yahoo! Labs and Yahoo! Search Strategy Larry Cornett, Vice President, Consumer… Read More

  • The Top Query At Today's Yahoo Event? Bing.

    The Q&A session following Yahoo’s “What Matters Most” event today was interesting. That is, interesting if you’re confused by the whole Bing/Yahoo strategy going forward. And it would certainly be understandable if you were — especially after an event in which Yahoo did a lot to highlight changes to its search product. You know, the one everyone thought… Read More

  • Bing Leapfrogs Yahoo Search … Again

    New stats from monitoring service StatCounter suggest that for the second time since its launch, Microsoft’s Bing has surpassed Yahoo Search as the second most used search engine in the United States. Shortly after publicly debuting the new service, Bing already jumped over Yahoo Search – if only for one day – which many attributed to the launch momentum. But Bing has proven… Read More

  • Yahoo Search, As We Know It, Is Over

    Earlier today, we were at Yahoo’s “End of the 10 Blue Links” event. Basically, it was their state of search gathering, similar to the “Searchology” event that Google had last week. But there was a key difference, as anyone who was following along with the live notes likely saw: Google’s was interesting. Yahoo’s was not. That’s not necessarily to… Read More

  • Live From Yahoo's "End of the 10 Blue Links" Talk

    We’re at OutCast Communication’s offices for a Yahoo Search event that they’ve dubbed “The End of the 10 Blue Links.” It looks to be a state of the union for Yahoo’s search product, and a look ahead. There’s a clear theme already in this presentation: Search is shifting away from links to intent, according to Yahoo. And it’s moving from just pages… Read More

  • Yahoo Launches Personalized Search

    Yahoo made a strong competitive move against personal search startups like Eurekster and Rollyo today with the announcement of Yahoo Search Builder, a customizable search engine tool. A custom search engine can be created that searches just a few defined sites, and/or the entire Yahoo search index and Yahoo News. The search engine can be further tailored to include a specific search term… Read More