Xbox Live Marketplace

  • Price comparison: Xbox Live Marketplace+Xbox 360 and iTunes+Apple TV

    [photopress:xblitun.jpg,full,center] Both Microsoft and Apple want to be your go-to home entertainment brand. But, right now, Apple is charging a little less for the privilege. Let’s say you want to be able to [legally] download movies then watch them on your big screen HDTV. You can go with the Microsoft model, that is, buy a 20GB Xbox 360 Pro or 120GB Elite (since the Arcade… Read More

  • Microsoft Adds Country Music Television, Logo and More Hi-Def Movies to XBL Marketplace This Month

    With its Xbox Live Marketplace, Microsoft is fighting to make sure Apple’s iTunes doesn’t become the de-facto service for downloadable movies and TV shows. To ensure this, the bad boys from Redmond will add TV shows from MTV’s Logo network (on June 11) and Country Music Television (on June 6). (Logo airs programming for the LGBT crowd, while CMT airs programming for… Read More

  • Microsoft Ignition Revs Up Tomorrow

    Score one for Microsoft. Wait, did I just say that? Yes, I did. Why? Well, Microsoft will officially launch Ignition tomorrow and I may have to troll around for a Zune now. I can’t believe I’m admitting that. Ignition is designed to promote new music acts over the course of a month on Microsoft’s mulitple content platforms such as MSN and the Zune Marketplace. Ignition is set… Read More