xbox 360 slim

  • Xbox 360 Slim to be announced at this year's E3?

    If a notorious game industry news source is believed, Microsoft is announcing a redesigned Xbox 360 this year at E3. The systems will be physically smaller hence the slim name, but also sport a new predominantly black color scheme. The thought is a while Project Natal wouldn’t look so hot in front of a black TV and so the console is getting revamped ahead of Natal’s launch. Read More

  • Xbox 360 Slim on track for 2009 release?

    An Xbox 360 Slim, on target for a December release? Maybe. Gaming site Split-Screen says that at a recent event in Delhi, India, a Microsoft rep let it slip that the company is planning to release a slim version of the Xbox 360 next year, with some sort of official announcement coming in December. Then, that very same site comes out and says, “Hey, we may have been grossly wrong with… Read More