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Xbox 360 Slim to be announced at this year's E3?

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If a notorious game industry news source is believed, Microsoft is announcing a redesigned Xbox 360 this year at E3. The systems will be physically smaller hence the slim name, but also sport a new predominantly black color scheme. The thought is a while Project Natal wouldn’t look so hot in front of a black TV and so the console is getting revamped ahead of Natal’s launch.

Surfer Girl Strikes Back also mentions that MS will announce two 360 Natal bundles at this year’s show and she isn’t new to the rumor game. This inconspicuous source has randomly dropped solid rumors that seem to work out. E3 is coming up in the middle of June so we’ll find out soon enough if she –or he — is right about this one too. [Surfer Girl Strikes Back via never know tech]

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