• CrunchDeals: MSI X320 for $380

    If you’re keen on the whole low voltage ultraportable idea (bigger screens, slightly faster processors than standard netbooks) but you can’t quite stomach the $600+ price tag that accompanies most of those systems, you may be happy to hear that JR.com is blowing the MSI X320 right the hell out. Read More

  • MSI's sleek X320 and X340 to hit in April

    We fawned all over it when it was revealed, corrupted it with our pawing hands at CES, and marvelled at its recently-revealed big brothers. And now the X320 and X340 have specs and release dates. More hinkfo after the bizump. Read More

  • MSI X-Slim series to do both Atom and Pentium

    Seeing the MSI X320 at CES made my pants hurt enough that I’ll be picking one up when they come out in April. A steady complaint about the X320, though, is that while it’s stylish like a MacBook Air, it’s only got an Atom processor. Read More

  • CES Video: Hands on with the MSI X320 netbook, plus pricing and availability info

    Netbook, notebook, call it whatever you want — the MSI X320 is slick city, my main man. Here’s a hands-on video and some photos of the device, plus info about pricing and availability. Read More