• Here, Look At This $40,000 Wooden Ditch Digger

    Woodworkers Woodchuck And Co want you to have this wooden ditch digger. It costs $40,000 on Etsy. I think it’s worth it. Constructed of cherry and walnut, this award-winning piece has over 4000 individual handcrafted parts and requiredover 3000 man-hours to complete, roughly a year and a half’s time. Our version of the 5230B is what we call a working model. The track moves, the… Read More

  • It's like Marble Madness, except it's a desk.

    You could drop a few grand on a desk, and it’d still be just that: a desk. Plain and simple, little more than an extravagant dinner tray. Tineke Beunder wanted more than that. Tineke Beunder wanted a desk that wowed all that dared rest their eyes on it. So Tineke Beunder built “Marbelous”, the awesome work of woodcarving you see above. Drop the marbles through the top… Read More