Windows Embedded

  • Windows Embedded ‘Quebec’ to be based on Windows 7, not Vista

    Previously believed to be based on Windows Vista, it’s just been announced that forthcoming Windows Embedded platform code-named “Quebec” will actually be based on Windows 7. The announcement came from Microsoft General Manager Kevin Dallas in an industry address at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston today (10/28). It’d previously been casually referred to as… Read More

  • Microsoft announces ‘SPARKs Will Fly’ Windows Embedded developer competition with $15,000 prize

    Microsoft just announced a Windows Embedded developer competition here at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston. It’s called the “SPARKs Will Fly” contest and will award a $15,000 cash prize to one lucky/brilliant Windows Embedded developer. It’s a push to get people to start (or keep) developing for Microsoft’s platform and it just may work, as the dev… Read More

  • Mio to use Microsoft’s WiENR in next-gen GPS devices

    Mio and Microsoft have announced that the next generation of Mio’s portable navigation devices will ship on the Windows Embedded NavReady 2009 (WiENR) platform. You’ll recall that Windows Embedded NavReady was announced last June, at which time yours truly came up with the most-excellent “WiENR” moniker. Mio will be one of the first manufacturers to bring WiENR devices… Read More

  • Microsoft announces ‘WiENR’ system for GPS devices

    Microsoft will be making a move into the portable GPS space with what it’s calling Windows Embedded NavReady 2009. Should companies like TomTom and Garmin be scared? We’ll see. Windows Live Maps is a pretty good service, I suppose. It’ll be more than just maps, though, as WiENR 2009 (as I’ll call it) will also do some Bluetooth tricks, harness MSN Direct services… Read More