Windows Embedded ‘Quebec’ to be based on Windows 7, not Vista

winxpe_logo Previously believed to be based on Windows Vista, it’s just been announced that forthcoming Windows Embedded platform code-named “Quebec” will actually be based on Windows 7.

The announcement came from Microsoft General Manager Kevin Dallas in an industry address at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston today (10/28).

It’d previously been casually referred to as Vista Embedded but the platform’s 2010-ish launch date puts it squarely in line to don the overcoat (or undershirt?) of what will be Microsoft’s then-current operating system, Windows 7.

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Microsoft Announces the Next Version of Windows Embedded Standard to Be Built on Windows 7

Next generation of Windows Embedded Standard will offer a richer set of solutions for building smart, connected, service-oriented devices.

BOSTON — Oct. 28, 2008 — Today at the Embedded Systems Conference Boston, Microsoft Corp. announced plans for the next generation of Windows Embedded Standard, code-named “Quebec” to be built on Windows 7. Windows Embedded “Quebec” delivers powerful next-generation Microsoft technologies including Silverlight 2, Windows Presentation Foundation and interoperability with Visual Studio 2010. Alignment with Windows 7 features will give OEMs access to the skills and contributions of a global community of Windows developers familiar with Visual Studio. OEMs will be able to quickly develop applications and drivers for connected device scenarios requiring rich applications, services and end-user experiences connecting to Windows-based PCs, servers and Windows Web services.

Driving Connected Experiences With the Richest Set of Solutions

“Windows Embedded ‘Quebec’ will provide OEMs with the ability to further differentiate their devices by taking rich user experiences to the next level with exciting new input capabilities through multitouch, gesture support and user interface enhancements,” said Kevin Dallas, general manager of the Windows Embedded Business Unit at Microsoft. “It also will feature a rich set of componentized operating system technologies and specific features that let developers optimally size the operating system on their devices with only the drivers, services and applications they need.”

Built on Windows 7, Windows Embedded “Quebec” will offer developers a powerful, familiar and reliable experience that will include the following benefits:

· Rich user experience. The latest Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation tools deliver the next generation of media experiences and rich Internet applications for devices.

· Enhanced security and control. Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption and key management to protect data on embedded devices provide greater security. In addition, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 will provide defense from malicious Web sites and keep data private with improved security and InPrivate Browsing.

· Enhanced stability and improved performance. The new platform will offer enhanced stability and improved performance with investment in multicore architecture, including 64-bit processor support.

· Extended Web capabilities to the embedded device. Customers will have the ability to enable Web capabilities to their devices with Internet Explorer 8 accelerators and Windows Web services, benefitting from powerful, efficient Web applications, including offline capabilities.