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Microsoft Acquires Apiphany, An API Management Service To Integrate With Windows Azure

Microsoft has acquired Apiphany, an API management company that it will integrate with Windows Azure. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. A short post about the acquisition is on the Windows Azure

Windows Azure Offers Up To 22% Price Drop For Memory-Intensive Apps While Questions Remain About Running An In-House Cloud

Windows Azure is offering up to <a target="_blank" href="

Microsoft Announces General Availability Of Two-Factor Authentication For Windows Azure

Microsoft has announced the <a target="_blank" href="">general

Windows Azure Adds New Features, Including SQL Server Support General Availability And New Push Features

Microsoft introduced a <a target="_blank" href="

Office 365 Is Now A Programmable Service For Rapid App Delivery

Microsoft is offering new capabilities for building business apps with Office 365 and Windows Azure -- part of a larger effort to offer services that can leverage its cloud environment for rapid build

Windows Azure Web Sites, Mobile Services Now Generally Available

Microsoft has announced general availability of Windows Azure Web Site and Mobile Service, accentuating the emphasis on development using the Azure cloud service. According to Microsoft, Windows Az

Windows Azure Now Stores 8.5 Trillion Data Objects, Manages 900K Transactions Per Second

Microsoft announced at the Build conference today that Windows Azure now has 8.5 trillion objects stored on its infrastructure. The company also announced the following: Customers do 900,000 storage t

New Microsoft Visual Studio Features Show Importance Of Windows Azure, Developing For Connected Devices

Microsoft showed the new Visual Studio 2013 at the Build conference today. The new integrated development environment (IDE) features include performance tools for power consumption, asynchronous calls

New Active Authentication Allows Azure Customers To Identify And Secure Office 365, Other Apps

Microsoft is now offering multi-factor authentication for Windows Azure to allow enterprises to secure employee, partner and customer access to cloud applications. According to the Azure blog, the ca

Microsoft Satiates Developers’ Ever-Loving Appetites For Lower Pricing With Per-Minute Billing On Windows Azure

Microsoft is satiating customers' appetite for ever more affordable pricing with news today of per-minute billing, no charge for stopping virtual machines (VM) and discounted developer and test rates.

As Google I/O Approaches, Microsoft Hires A High-Profile Team To Attract Outside Developers

Just before Google I/O, Microsoft is making a big pitch for developers with a high-profile announcement about a new team that will focus on building outside interest in app development on the Azure pl

AWS Offers General Availability For Node.js, The Popular Development Platform

<a target="_blank" href="">Node.js</a> is the everyman's platform for developing apps. It's JavaScript on the sever. It's relatively easy to learn and it's immensely popular. Now Ama

Microsoft WebMatrix 3 Web Development Tool Comes With Deeper Windows Azure Integration And Support For GitHub

Microsoft has released WebMatrix 3, the latest version of its free web development tool. The new version now comes with deeper Windows Azure integration and support for GitHub. WebMatrix users can now

Windows Azure Announces General Availability And Promises To Match Any AWS Price Drop

Microsoft has announced general availability for Windows Azure Infrastructure Services with a promise to match any price drop from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Microsoft marked the occasion with a decre

Windows Azure Opens Active Directory For General Availability As Identity Battle Heats Up

Microsoft has opened its Active Directory (AD) to general availability on Windows Azure, giving developers access to the single-sign-on service for access to the suite of Microsoft services, third-par

Y Combinator Company BitNami Makes Deeper Move On Booming App Store Market

<a target="_blank" href="">BitNami</a>, a Y Combinator company, has announced that it will focus more on being an app store for server software. The goal is to provide customers wit

Windows Azure Adds Support For PhoneGap, Dropbox and Hadoop

Windows Azure has added new support for a number of services including PhoneGap, Dropbox and Hadoop. According to a <a target="_blank" href="

Microsoft To Refund Windows Azure Customers Hit By 12 Hour Outage That Disrupted Xbox Live

Microsoft will refund Windows Azure customers impacted by an outage last week caused by an expired SSL certificate. In a brief <a target="_blank" href="

Windows Azure Media Services Opens Up, Adds New Platform For Developers

<a target="_blank" href="">Windows Azure Media</a> has gone to <a target="_blank" href="

Windows Azure Gets More Competitive With AWS, Launches New Mobile Features, Website Scaling, Data Sync And More

Windows Azure has <a target="_blank" href="">added eight
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