Qualcomm launches new AR dev kit, acquires Clay AIR

Qualcomm today launched a new developer platform for building head-worn augmented reality experiences: the Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform. The only supported hardware for the platform is curr

Who Will Own The Virtual Reality Interface?

The mainstream is starting to consume virtual and augmented reality experiences, but we’re only at the start of what will be a long and iterative transition to a new interface.

Augmented Reality: Believe The Hype (Cycle)

Gartner's annual report in 2008 was titled “Hype Cycle of Emerging Technologies.” This was the first year the IT and technology research firm's annual report mentioned augmented reality (AR). In i

In its battle with Layar, Wikitude hires new CEO to continue Euro expansion

<img class="shot" title="Wikitude" src="" alt="" width="134" height="69" />The fight for European predominance in Augmented Reality (A

Mobilizy, maker of Wikitude, raises major funding round

<img class="shot2" src="" alt="" /><a href="">Mobilizy</a>, the Austrian based company behind <

Lonely Planet's 25 travel guides get a dose of Augmented Reality

<img src="" alt="" title="compass-rome" width="139" height="300" class="shot" /><a href="">Lonely

Junaio launches augmented reality platform for the iPhone and the Web

<img src="" /> [Germany] Munich-based <a href="">metaio</a>, a developer of visual interaction software products,

Augmented reality browser Layar now available for the iPhone

<img src="" width="207" height="200" />Half an hour ago, I just had an iPhone 3GS. Now, I have an iPhone 3GS with <a href="http:

Layar Brings Augmented Reality Browser To The iPhone (Screenshots)

<img src="" width="207" height="200" />Half an hour ago, I just had an iPhone 3GS. Now, I have an iPhone 3GS with <a href="http://

Twin Towers seen once more via Augmented Reality iPhone app

[Austria] Mobilizy, the company from Salzburg, that brought us one of the world’s first Augmented Reality browsers, Wikitude, just released a major upgrade which crosses that significant line be

Twin Towers Re-appear Via Augmented Reality iPhone app

<img src="" width="215" height="162" /><a title="Mobilizy" href="">Mobilizy</a>, the company that b