Apple to test WiBro-enabled devices in Korea?

Wireless provider Korean Telecom reportedly signed a “memorandum of understanding” with Apple to combine “WiBro, a third generation-based communications technology, with Apple’s hit products s

SK Telecom successfully transmits HD video over WiBro

SK Telecom will begin building out Wave 2 of the WiBro network in Seoul after successfully sending HD video across the network in real time. Under optimal conditions this new Wave could download at 37

WiBro PMP from Samsung should infuriate us all

[photopress:SWT_W100K_002.jpg,full,pp_image] We’re a couple months away from seeing any WiMAX activity here in the US, but it’s coming, at least. Will we have any WiMAX ready devices? Probably not

LG Smartphone Runs On Korea's 4G WiMax Network

LG has released a phone today that runs on Korea’s 4G WiBro network. The KC1 can reach near-broadband speeds over the WiMax network and, as such, features things like remote PC controlling and v

Samsung WiMax Mobile Phone (Don't Call It a Cell)

We are sick and frickin’ tired of the Koreans getting all the rad mobile phonage. Take, for example, this feature-packed slim Samsung found at the WiBro (WiMax to us yanks) summit that we’