Samsung WiMax Mobile Phone (Don't Call It a Cell)

We are sick and frickin’ tired of the Koreans getting all the rad mobile phonage. Take, for example, this feature-packed slim Samsung found at the WiBro (WiMax to us yanks) summit that we’ll never see here in America. Why won’t we see it? Because it doesn’t use the CDMA or GSM flavors that standard cell networks use. No, it has to get all swanky and uses WiMax for both voice and data as a hybrid VOIP phone. So, technically, it’s not a cellphone, but it operates in all respects as one.

It also boasts Korean’s digital TV service with TV-out, as well as Wnidows Mobile 5: Smartphone Edition, PTT, and laptop data services. And it has dual cameras for video conferencing. And an integrated RSS reader.

We’d like to see something with this kind of innovation over here. Until then, we’ll stick to bitching about the bugginess of the Chocolate from Verizon.

A mobile phone that can be used as a Wibro modem in connection with a pc []