• Verisign Selling Moreover, Weblogs Assets

    Verisign is exploring the sale of its Moreover and Weblogs assets, we’ve confirmed from a source with knowledge of the sale process. Both businesses were acquired in October 2005 – Moreover for an estimated $25 million and Weblogs for an undisclosed but significantly smaller amount. We had previously heard rumors that Verisign was in negotiations to sell the assets, which have… Read More

  • Verisign Acquires Weblogs.com

    Verisign has confirmed their acquisition of the Weblogs.com ping server network and related assets. See the Verisign blog post here as well. We aren’t going to write a lot about it here on TechCrunch because Keith Teare and I were advisors to Weblogs.com on the deal. I will say that I believe this is a game-changing event for the blogosphere. Dave Winer, the founder of Weblogs.com and… Read More

  • Profile – Weblogs.com (Ping Server)

    Service: Weblogs.com Launched: 1999 What is it? Weblogs.com was the first blogging ping service and remains the largest. What is a ping service? A ping service is a server that takes “pings” from blogs (and other sources). The purpose of the ping is to notify the ping server that the source has added new content. This is aggregated with other pings and, if the ping server is open… Read More