Verisign Acquires Weblogs.com

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Verisign has confirmed their acquisition of the Weblogs.com ping server network and related assets. See the Verisign blog post here as well.

We aren’t going to write a lot about it here on TechCrunch because Keith Teare and I were advisors to Weblogs.com on the deal. I will say that I believe this is a game-changing event for the blogosphere.

Dave Winer, the founder of Weblogs.com and the inventor of blog ping servers tells the story here (and kindly mentions our involvement).

If you’d like to understand more about ping servers, I wrote a profile of Weblogs.com in July of this year.

For more coverage, you should also read Jason Kottke, Staci Kramer, Robert Scoble and Michael Bazeley.

Congratulations, Dave. You deserve this, my friend.

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