• WebbAlert Is No More

    When technology focused video blog WebbAlert, hosted by the lovely Morgan Webb, launched in August 2007, we said it could be a winner. Almost a year and half further down the road, we have to come back on that now that Webb is shutting the vlog down. Webb will be focusing her efforts on her TV show X-Play, which has expanded to five weekly episodes instead of three, and “make a little… Read More

  • WebbAlert Day 2: This Show Rocks

    http://p.castfire.com/cHNHf/video/1822/webbalert_2007-08-03-032544.flv I stayed up until 2 AM again to watch the second WebbAlert show (embedded above). I stand by my words written twenty-four hours ago: this show is a winner. Some will comment below that I’m only giving the show a thumbs up in the hope for TechCrunch mentions (there was one today for our Amazon/Webvan story, for example). Read More

  • WebbAlert: A Lot Like Rocketboom, Except It's Interesting

    WebbAlert, a new daily (Monday – Thursday) video news show hosted by X-Play’s Morgan Webb, launches this morning at 2 am PST. The focus of the show will be the major breaking technology and gaming news of the day. Like Rocketboom, each show will be no more than 5 minutes long, for easy consumption. Unlike Rocketboom, I’ve been able to sit through a whole episode – the… Read More