WebbAlert Is No More

When technology focused video blog WebbAlert, hosted by the lovely Morgan Webb, launched in August 2007, we said it could be a winner. Almost a year and half further down the road, we have to come back on that now that Webb is shutting the vlog down.

Webb will be focusing her efforts on her TV show X-Play, which has expanded to five weekly episodes instead of three, and “make a little time for life itself”.

I really appreciate all the support you’ve shown me over the past year and a half, and I’ve had a great time making WebbAlert and sharing my love of technology. When I started WebbAlert, my TV show X-Play only taped three episodes a week so I had the time to dedicate my video blog. At the beginning of the year, X-Play expanded to five episodes, and the last year has been a lot of work trying to keep up with both projects. I finally decided that I need to make a little time for other opportunities, as well as make a little time for life itself. Thanks for understanding and I hope to bring you a number of new projects in the future!

I’ve embedded the very first and last WebbAlert video below for your nostalgic viewing pleasure.



WebbAlert was one of the few podcasts I ever subscribed too, although I didn’t watch every episode religiously and it would be a stretch to say I’ll actually miss it.

How about you?