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  • The Queen has a new Web site, too bad it hardly works

    Can’t get enough of British Royalty for some reason? So much so that you’d not only visit their Web site, on the Internet, but you’d sift through old photos of the Queen of the Realm, through the years? Consider yourself the luckiest person(s) alive, for the Royal Family (is that a proper noun?) has re-launched its Internet Web site presence. YouTube videos, Google Maps… Read More

  • The random endorsement: Wikipedia

    There was controversy when I endorsed the movie “Once” last week, primarily because some folks (where “some folks” is defined as one of my friends) argued that movie reviews have no place on a tech site. Well, hater(s), this is my column and I’ll endorse whatever the heck I want. Today, though, I’m bringing it back to tech. Wikipedia, you just got… Read More

  • Kids Spend Their Time Online Dressing Up Virtual Dolls – Shouldn't They Be Outside Playing Instead?

    There’s a fine article in today’s New York Times exploring the relationship between online, Facebook-like Web sites and the young girls these sites target. It’s stunning, really, to read that these youngsters (the profiled girl here is 9) prefer to engage in virtual worlds wherein they dress up dolls, do each other’s hair and gossip—granted, excellent training for… Read More

  • Retrevo.com: Search Engine For Gadgets, Electronics

    A search engine made specifically for finding information on gadgets and consumer electronics? I’m in love. Retrevo.com‘s searches focus on reviews and articles about the products your looking for and dismisses all other irrelevant information (storefronts, ads, eBay pages, etc). Down the left side of the page you get a set of tabs for single-click access things such as reviews… Read More

  • PumpOne Mobile For Fatties With Cell Phones

    Yep, sorry, called you people fatties again, but at least I’m offering up solutions. Actually, I could stand to lose some weight too, so I thought I should share the newly launched PumpOne Mobile from PumpOne.com with you. The company specializes in workouts to put on your iPod done by digital trainers to show you proper form for the exercises. Taking that concept one step further… Read More

  • Hey Fatty, Put Down The Cookie And Go To CalorieKing.com

    It’s the holiday season and you’re bound to pack on a few extra pounds between office parties, family gatherings and parties with friends, mixed with an overloaded, hectic schedule that keeps you from hitting the gym. Or at least that’s what every major media outlet has been telling us year after year. So I figured CG should join the fray and tell you the same… Read More