The Queen has a new Web site, too bad it hardly works


Can’t get enough of British Royalty for some reason? So much so that you’d not only visit their Web site, on the Internet, but you’d sift through old photos of the Queen of the Realm, through the years? Consider yourself the luckiest person(s) alive, for the Royal Family (is that a proper noun?) has re-launched its Internet Web site presence. YouTube videos, Google Maps integration, the works!

Apparently the Royal Family doesn’t have enough money for a decent host because I’m on the site right now and it is dog slow. Oh, and this error keeps popping up:


Also on the site, when you can get it to work, there’s even a job board, where you can find listings for Royal jobs. You know, Official Breakfast Fetcher of the Realm, and so on.

Here, Britain’s best export this side of the English language, Ricky Gervais dancing like a complete fool.

via Reuters