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  • ISI Technology Can Heat Your Water Instantly and Efficiently

    ISI Technology Reinvents The Water Heater With The Heatworks Model 1

    Water heaters aren’t exactly the most splashy consumer product. But they’re key to comfortable living. Meet the Heatworks Model 1, a digital water heater using today’s technology, which ISI Technology is launching at TechCrunch Disrupt NY. Your shower will never be the same. Read More

  • Household Air Conditioning Unit Doubles As Water Heater

    Storing heat may be the last thing you think of when turning on an air conditioning unit, but one model takes advantage of the sweltering weather to heat water while cooling the air. The aptly named Air Conditioner Water Heater, or ACWH, from Hotspot Energy has a condenser unit that sits outside of the building, collecting heat that the air conditioner compresses and expels from inside. The… Read More