ISI Technology Reinvents The Water Heater With The Heatworks Model 1

Water heaters aren’t exactly the most splashy consumer product. But they’re key to comfortable living. Meet the Heatworks Model 1, a digital water heater using today’s technology, which ISI Technology is launching at TechCrunch Disrupt NY.

We all do it: Turn the water on and wander around the bathroom for several minutes, waiting for the water to get hot. It’s a disgusting waste of water and while tankless water heaters decreased the wait, they’re often unreliable thanks to older technology. That’s where the Model 1 comes in.

The Model 1 is packed with modern parts all designed to reduce the cost of heating water by improving the efficiency (and comfort). Or rather, it forgoes the ancient technology found in most tankless water heaters for bits made in this century. It even sports WiFi connectivity for easy adjustments.

Unlike other tankless water heaters, the Model 1 natively accepts different household voltages and employs a water heating element that’s much more reliable than competitor’s units. ISI Technology brags that the Model 1 is nearly universal and should work in most applications. It’s a one-size-fits-all water heater.

ISI Technology states that the Model 1 can provide immediate, infinite and temperature auto-stabilizing hot water. Its novel design allows it to be used in situations traditional water heaters couldn’t even imagine. Placed after an already installed water heater, the Model 1 can extend or turbocharge the hot water. The Model 1 doesn’t care what temperature the incoming water is unlike traditional water heaters.

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The Model 1 can also completely replace a home’s water heater and can deliver 2.0 GPM of water up to 130 F. If that’s not enough, multiple units can be mounted in parallel.

The company was founded by Jerry Callahan, one of the co-founders of the Blue Rhino Propane Cylinder Exchange that’s found nearly everywhere throughout suburbia. He started developing the Model 1 several years ago after installing and being frustrated with traditional tankless water heaters. Then, in early 2014, the company launched a Kickstarter campaign and raised $435,000 in pledges and pre-orders.

The Model 1 will ship this summer and is now available for pre-order for $399. Mainly thanks to Kickstarter, ISI Technology already has 2,000 pre-orders. The company also lined up three strategic partners and one distribution deal. Your shower will never be the same.

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