Inspired By Your Home: The Click Wall Switch Watch

Do you ever find yourself wishing that the act of telling time was as simple, and tactile, as flipping a light switch in your home?  If so, then the folks at Watchismo have got quite the surprise i

Watchismo sells Satanic watches from Barcelona

If you saw the 9th Gate you’ll know where I’m heading with this. Although I love Watchismo, their support of Satan and all of His Works is abhorrent and this watch is a bit to expensive fo

Taking analog to a new level: the 01 wristwatch

<img src="" />As much as I love digital watches (and watches that <a href="

The Phosphor watch – now in black!

<img src="" />So we told you about the Phosphor watch <a href="

Up-close with Watchismo, one of the most eclectic watch collectors I know

<img src="">While I'm not quite down with a lot of <a HREF="">Watchismo's aesthetic choices</a>, you gotta re

History of Spy-Cam Watches

Watchismo has a great and expansive feature covering the history of spy-cam watches. Most of these things are pretty hilarious. Not inconspicuous in the slightest. The favorite here is probably the Te