• Inspired By Your Home: The Click Wall Switch Watch

    Do you ever find yourself wishing that the act of telling time was as simple, and tactile, as flipping a light switch in your home?  If so, then the folks at Watchismo have got quite the surprise in store for you. Aptly named the “Click Wall Switch” watch, it resembles a squared-off interpretation of modern wall switches.  Rather than firing up an incandescent bulb, however… Read More

  • Watchismo sells Satanic watches from Barcelona

    If you saw the 9th Gate you’ll know where I’m heading with this. Although I love Watchismo, their support of Satan and all of His Works is abhorrent and this watch is a bit to expensive for a nice quartz with what amounts to a Mystery Dial. Read More

  • Taking analog to a new level: the 01 wristwatch

    As much as I love digital watches (and watches that take some work to read), there is something comforting about an analog dial. And the 01 watch takes analog dials to a whole new turning disk level. Read More

  • The Phosphor watch – now in black!

    So we told you about the Phosphor watch back in May, and many people asked themselves, “but can I get it in black?” Admit it, you did. I could hear you. Really. Anyway, the answer to that burning question is “yes, the Phosphor watch is now available in black as well as silver.” Read More

  • Up-close with Watchismo, one of the most eclectic watch collectors I know

    While I’m not quite down with a lot of Watchismo’s aesthetic choices, you gotta respect his drive. This guy loves Swiss quartz, crazy designs, and even goes nuts over Hamilton Electrics, watches that are so odd that only one person in the world can fix them. Read More

  • History of Spy-Cam Watches

    Watchismo has a great and expansive feature covering the history of spy-cam watches. Most of these things are pretty hilarious. Not inconspicuous in the slightest. The favorite here is probably the Tessina. It’s a rather large watch that features a concealed trap door for the lens. What’s notable is that it still uses standard 35mm film despite being the size of a 16mm camera. It… Read More