The Phosphor watch – now in black!

DigitalHourBlackLeatherWhiteBG2So we told you about the Phosphor watch back in May, and many people asked themselves, “but can I get it in black?” Admit it, you did. I could hear you. Really. Anyway, the answer to that burning question is “yes, the Phosphor watch is now available in black as well as silver.”

We liked the Phosphor product when we last saw them, so it’s a safe bet that we’ll like them in black too. The new version features the aforementioned black case, and a reversible display that shows either black on white, or white on black text. It’s going to cost a little more for the black version however, $194 to be exact. The old silver cased versions were only $185, but I can totally see where the money is going. The Phosphor DH05 Black Leather is available now from Watchismo.