• Juvenilia: My HAWT CRACKING WAREZ from 1991

    I’m at home in Columbus right now and I was digging through my old papers and found this little collection of floppy disks containing all of my cracking warez. As I recall, I wrote the viruses on the VIRUSES disk from a book by Cue Publishing (??) and BlueBoy was supposed to be a wardialer and the name was based on BlueBoxing, which I read about in an article on Kevin Mitnick in PC Magazine. Read More

  • Latest 2600 magazine asks what happened to the warez scene

    [photopress:2600winter08.jpg,full,right] We wrote a brief primer on piracy a few months ago, discussing the ins and outs of several different methods of getting your free, daily fix of music, movies and software. This quarter’s issue of 2600: The Hacker Quarterly (you can usually find it semi-hidden in the computer magazine section of Barnes & Noble) has an article on piracy you… Read More

  • An interview with a Warez Site Owner

    Warez Site Owners are just like you and me. They start sites, post links to pirated stuff, and make a little money. Heck, my grampy got his start in early pirated player piano scrolls after disembarking on Ellis Island and ending up in the Polish ghetto. His site — actually a stand on the Bowery — was called GeorgezH()tDiddi3z and it helped him buy a nice house in Ohio and bring… Read More

  • Interview With A Warez Scene Releaser

    Earlier in the week, I let you know a thing or two about piracy. If you became intrigued, I highly recommend checking out TorrentFreak’s interview with a releaser who does Warez scene releases. In case you forgot or didn’t know, Warez is slang for pirated and cracked software available on the Internet. Some fantastic questions are asked, including questions asked by visitors of… Read More