Latest 2600 magazine asks what happened to the warez scene


We wrote a brief primer on piracy a few months ago, discussing the ins and outs of several different methods of getting your free, daily fix of music, movies and software. This quarter’s issue of 2600: The Hacker Quarterly (you can usually find it semi-hidden in the computer magazine section of Barnes & Noble) has an article on piracy you might want to read. It’s slightly outdated—it refers to OiNK as still be around—but it’s the ending I found particularly interesting.

Warez ain’t what it used to be.

The author says that today’s warez site admins are only in it for the money, using donations intended for the site instead for personal gain. There’s too much quantity and not enough quality warez out there these days.

Also in the issue is a few quick ways to screw around with your friends’ Facebook profiles: free gifts (from strangers), mood alterations and so on. (I’m not even lying when I say I just spent the last 20 minutes changing Biggs’ mood. SuperWall seems to be incredibly vulnerable, FYI.) Certainly worth the $6 or so I just spent.

Winter Issue Of 2600 Released [2600]