• Go All MJ With the Dell Vostro V130's Hyperbaric Cooling System

    The thin and light Dell Vostro V130 comes in multiple colors (including red) and weighs in a 3.5 lbs. What’s under the hood? An HDMI port, two USB port, and a Core i3 or i5 ULV processor. I know, right? It supports WiMAX, Bluetooth, and WiFi. Read More

  • Dell Vostro 3000-series: You know, for small businesses and entrepreneurs

    So you’re hopping on a flight and you sit next to a sexy member of the opposite sex. You’ve got to get some work done so you whip out your nasty laptop, a fat and ugly IT department-supplied monstrosity (probably from Dell or HP). Your seatmate looks over, idly contemplating your potential as a lifemate, and sees your junk laptop and starts reading the Skymall catalog. After… Read More

  • Dell Vostro V13 takes styling cues from Adamo, but not the high price tag

    Oh boy, take a look at this. Dell’s apparently porting the whole super slim Adamo idea to its more affordable line of Vostro business machines. Read More

  • Dell Vostro A90 available — it's like a Dell Mini 9 except it says Vostro A90 instead

    You’re a serious business person who needs a serious, um, netbook like the Dell Vostro A90. You can’t show up to a sales pitch with a weiner-ish sounding Dell Mini! There’s nothing mini about your can-do attitude and proven track record. The Dell Vostro A90 may simply be a Dell Mini 9 in sell-the-sizzle black but in this tough economy, image matters more than anything when… Read More

  • Dell small biz 16:9 widescreen Vostro starts at $379

    Hey now, here’s something you don’t see every day. It’s a true 16:9 display in a business notebook for way, way cheap. Dell’s Vostro A860 line starts at under $400 (that’s after instant savings – it’s normally $448) and features a 15.6-inch display with a 1366 x 768 resolution. The notebook weighs in at 5.4 pounds, too, which isn’t bad for a unit… Read More

  • Dell Vostro A90: a netbook for the suits

    Dell has taken the Inspiron Mini 9 netbook and dressed it up for the business types. The innards are exactly the same as the pedestrian counterpart with an Intel 1.6 Atom CPU, 8GB SSD, 1GB of RAM and a 8.9-inch screen. So far the stark black netbook is announced only for the Japanese market and carries an astonishing high price of ¥92,830 ($999 USD), and unless this netbook fad takes off… Read More

  • New Dell Vostro 1510, 1310 notebooks in two weeks

    Looking for an exciting business laptop? How about just a business laptop? If it’s the latter, then the new Dell Vostro lineup might be just right for you. Starting May 1, you’ll be able to get your hands on the 13.3-inch Vostro 1310 starting at $749 or the 15-inch Vostro 1510 starting at $599. If you can contain your excitement until the middle of May, you can get the 17-inch… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $500 off of $1249 on Dell Vostro laptops

    Looking for new notebook? You can really load up a Dell Vostro and then watch as $500 melts off the asking price once you hit $1249. I configured one for fun and almost had a hard time getting from the $499 base price to $1249. Almost. POWERFUL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS ARE GOING FAST [Dell.com] Read More