Crunch Report | Tinder is using AI to get you hooked up

Tinder tests a new feature that uses AI to suggest who to "super like," BlackBerry will pay Nokia $137 million over a contract dispute and Alibaba is looking to acquire technology and talent from Visu

Alibaba is buying Israeli startup Visualead’s tech to establish a Tel Aviv R&D center

Alibaba announced a massive $15 billion research ‘DAMO Academy’ project focused on R&D last month, and it is laying the groundwork for an office in Tel Aviv through a deal to acquire t

The Humble QR Code Is Being Disrupted… And Going Dotless

Many in the West are still dumbfounded that QR codes are a thing. Well, heads-up, the humble QR code as you know it is being disrupted. At least that's according to Visualead, an Israel-based startup

Alibaba Invests In Israeli Startup Visualead For Its QR Code Technology

To many U.S. consumers, QR codes already seem like a quaint tech relic, but they continue to be very popular in China. So it’s not a huge surprise that Visualead, an Israeli startup that specializes

Visualead Raises $1.6M For QR Codes That (Kind Of) Blend In

QR codes (you know, those square images that can be scanned by your phone and point you to mobile websites) have never quite taken off with a mass audience, but some startups aren't giving up the tech