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Golden Gate Ventures closes new $100M fund for Southeast Asia

Singapore’s Golden Gate Ventures has announced the close of its newest (and third) fund for Southeast Asia at a total of $100 million. The fund hit a first close in the summer, as TechCrunch rep

Golden Gate Ventures hits first close on new $100M fund for Southeast Asia

One of the fascinating things about watching an emerging startup ecosystem is that it isn’t just companies that are scaling, the very VC firms that feed them are growing, too. That’s perha

Golden Gate Ventures closes new $60 million fund for Southeast Asia

Singapore-based Golden Gate Ventures has closed a new $60 million fund for Southeast Asia's rapidly-growing startup ecosystem.

Golden Gate Ventures’ Vinnie Lauria On Being A Startup Investor In Southeast Asia

TechCrunch spoke to Vinnie Lauria, a prominent investor in Southeast Asia, about why the region is more exciting than India or China right now.

Golden Gate Ventures Unwraps $50M Fund For Southeast Asia

Founders, assemble! There's a new fund from a familiar face in Southeast Asia. Singapore-based Golden Gate Ventures just announced its second, $50 million fund to support startups in the region and in