• Smart Glass Maker View Raises $150M

    Smart Glass Maker View Raises $150M

    View, a company which specializes in creating something called dynamic glass, raised a ton of new capital Thursday to fund their specialized windows that can change tint in response to weather conditions or smartphone commands. The company announced a raise of $150 million in funding Thursday. Those participating in the round included NZ Super Fund, Corning Incorporated, Madrone… Read More

  • You Can Now View Things In Google+ Shared From Google Drive, Without Leaving The Stream

    You Can Now View Things In Google+ Shared From Google Drive, Without Leaving The Stream

    Well here’s a bit of a game changer for Google’s social layer, Google+. The Google Drive team has announced that starting today you can now share things like documents with your circles and stream on Google+. That’s not new, but viewing these items in the stream is. This is a pretty huge deal because it turns the service into a completely collaborative environment outside of… Read More

  • View Is Like Foursquare Tips, But Visual And In Realtime #SXSW

    Right now in private beta and planning on launching right before SXSW, location relevancy service View wants to tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it. Unlike Foursquare Tips, there’s no checking in to View, you just open the app and the relevant information (“discovery”) comes to you on your View Wall in realtime. Discoveries like “The wi-fi password… Read More

  • Eye-Fi View Holds Your Full-Resolution Photos For a Week So You Can Decide Where They Go

    If there was one problem with the otherwise excellent Eye-Fi card it’s that images stored to the card had the nasty habit of appearing on public Flickr accounts without their owners knowledge – images that usually involved the owner in a compromising position with a close, naked friend or a barnyard mammal. Sure you can control where the Eye-Fi sends stuff but not many people… Read More

  • Review: Sansa View 16GB

    I like Sansa media players.  I always have.  They’re not quite as sexy as Apple iPods, and they’re not that much cheaper, really.  The reason I like the Sansa players is because they don’t require any special software on my computer — heck, the review model I received contained only the player itself and the USB cable: no software CD at all!  As a GNU/Linux user… Read More