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XFX "gunning" for Nvidia with the ATI HD 5970

<img src="" />Well, it looks like XFX packaging is going to be a little more secure then the stuff that Amazon uses. You'll hav

Concept triple-core Radeon from Asus

Interesting. I’m not sure why they went with three instead of the obvious four, but this single card sports two R670 cores on the back and one on the front. That’s the core of ATi’s

Splendid: a "video enhance card" by Asus

I’m not sure if I understand this thing entirely. It appears to be a small, fanless card with a partial PCI connector that performs hardware filtering and adjustment of your video out. I’m

Nvidia attacks the low-mid range with the 8800GS

What with the GS, GT, GTS, and GTX, it’s hard to keep straight on what exactly the offerings are from the current champion of the video card world. But one thing you can count on is that at ever