Crave, A Maker Of USB-Powered Luxury Vibrators, Raises $2.4M Series A

<a target="_blank" href="">Crave</a>, a San Francisco startup that creates upscale, tech-savvy sex toys, announced that it has closed a $2.4 million Series A investment from o

Revel Body Is A Crowdfunded Personal Massager

Do you suffer from "sore elbows, wrists and hands from having to hold small and awkward shapes?" Have you found that "products are confusing to impossible to control?" Do you know what a phthalates is

Body Hacks: Building An Open-Source, Theremin-Like Vibrator

For your postprandial pleasure I present the <a target="_blank" href="">an open-source vibrator that you (or your partner) can play like a theremin</a>. T

Apple to iBuzz: Party's Over, Pervs

Apple is a company notorious for the pep it shows when it’s concerned its copyrights might be misused. The Cupertino team’s law firm is no stranger to cease-and-desist orders that often ma